UX / UI Design & Prototyping

UX / UI Design & Prototyping

Every design should not only look great, but also be functional, user friendly, well structured and a joy to use. There is nothing worse than a pretty- but useless design. Doesn´t matter how well made. Therefore i like to develop the right foundation regarding usability and user experience in advance before i take care of the design itself.

Art Lead & Management

Art Lead & Management

I used to work as a interface designer for many projects in a lot of different fields before i was asked to take over a managing role. I´ve taken the opportunity and now work for more than a decade as a Lead Artist as well as Art Director. Especially when it comes to structuring and designing portals and games i´m the top of my class. You can rely on me.



After more than 15 years in the industry i´ve had the pleasure to work with many smart people on many different projects. Some of them were huge, some smaller, but all needed to deliver value and a great experience to the user. You have any concerns about your project? No problem. Let me help you with hand and advice.

Some quotes about me

  • Tobias is one of the best Lead Artists i have worked with so far. His eye for detail and perfection is one of the best i know. During our time together on the same project, it was inspiring to me to see how he lead his team of artists and inspired both his in-house colleagues and our outsourcing partners to do the absolutely best they could for the product. An example would be to have a look at Forge of Empires. Tobias is simply not only a great artist, but also a inspiring lead and a awesome colleague.

    Nino Protic Senior Product Manager at Innogames GmbH
  • I had the pleasure to work with Tobias at Gameforge Productions, where he was the Lead Artist and UI-Designer on two of my projcts (Ikariam and Gilde 1400). Tobias has a wonderful combination of being highly creative, knowledgeable and focused, and his attention to detail is absolutely awesome. In addition to that he is a very nice, helpful and decent person. Tobias is always constructive and absolutely reliable, and I would always work with him again in any given team.

    Ralf C. Adam Tiger Team Productions
  • Tobias is one of a few person I would like to work with again. He has outstanding atistic skills and is an extremly creative mastermind.

  • Some years ago I used to work together with Tobi as a team. He did design while I did the code. The last time we worked together he was contracted for a general facelift of my company's B2B website. It's always fun to work with Tobi and he probably is the best 2D artist I know.

    Hanno v.d. Decken Founder at VI Produkte GmbH
  • Tobias is an awesome design genius and photoshop artist! 🙂 His design ideas, input and constructive feedback is always inspiring and straight to the point.

    Johan Wenz estivo GmbH
  • I worked with Tobias when he was Team Leader of the graphics team at Gameforge. Tobias was known among us as a very talanted graphic artist, highly organized and efficient in his work, as well as possessing excellent social skills, which helped him to earn a leading position in the graphics department from the very beginning of his work at Gameforge.

    Irina Romanova Group Leader Business Development at Gameforge
  • Tobias is a very competent art production lead and highly competent UX/UI designer using his extensive experience in the game industry to great effect. On top he has a great attitude and is a good guy!

    Torsten Gunst Senior Artist at Innogames GmbH
  • Tobias is one of the best UI artists I have worked with. He is a very dedicated and result oriented professional with a keen eye on quality and necessity. His calm and collected personality makes him an ideal lead, who can manage both internal and external art teams. The collaboration with other departments is exceptional. While he can give feedback without overstepping boundaries, he is always open to input from others.

    Quirin Stubbe Lead Game Designer at InnoGames GmbH
  • I met Tobias the first time after probably three years working for him as a freelancer located in South Africa. He is not only a fantastic artist with the ability to give good and constructive feedback, he is also a great guy in “real life”. And even for someone who works from quite far away, Tobias always gave me the feeling I was part of the team!

    Henning Gawrisch CEO, Creative Director at 33 Degrees Creative Concepts

Clients and Companies i´ve been working for

I just ♥ what i do, so let me help to bring your ideas to life.