Some lines about me and why i do this


In my childhood i found my love for computer- and video games. First, as a young one with really classic LCD-Games. As time passes by I played nearly all consoles and home computers, which came out through out the years. During those years i became more and more interested in the topic how to actual make games and art for games. So i started with Koala Paint on my Commondore 64 to get familiar with pushing pixels. ? Followed by tools like Deluxe Paint or Brilliance before finally Photoshop 2.5 made it to the PC and blew my mind. It was magic back in the days and i got really addicted to it, and still am. It´s my weapon of choice to create pretty and functional interfaces and high quality art for many different purposes. Later i also dove into a lot of other tools which came along just to be up to date. Some of them i use regulary. The latest things i really enjoy is Unity 3D and creating Prototypes in Proto IO or Axure.


Simple. Just because i love this shit. I like to create new layouts, websites, mockups, apps, interfaces, logos or icons. Especially i like to create game interfaces and portals. In the last years i´ve realized a lot of different projects  and appreciate big and complicated projects where I as a designer have to find perfect solutions and have always the UX in mind. Good design is nothing without functionality. There is art and there is design… I know the difference.


I´m known for high quality, handcrafted, induvidual tailored design, reliability and flexibility. I have a deep knowledge about different platforms and its needs. I believe in a good relationships between me and my clients to find the best fitting solution and in the people behind projects. I believe people and their goals are important. Sad that this is something i can´t show in my portfolio, but you will experience it when we work together. Word.

Vita & Additional Skills

Employment History
  • 01.02.11 – today

    Lead Artist at „InnoGames GmbH“ in Hamburg

  • 01.04.08 – 31.01.11

    Lead Artist at „Gameforge Productions GmbH“ in Karlsruhe

  • 01.08.07 – 31.03.08

    Team-Lead of the Art Department at „nextidea GmbH“ in Münster

  • 15.02.05 – 31.07.07

    Team-Lead of the Art Department at „eleisure Group“ in Karlsruhe
    (www.eleisure.de, www.gameconomy.de, www.stagespace.de, www.intergames.de, www.gameabo.de, www.feenix.de)

  • 12.10.04 – 15.02.05

    Part-time work in Warehouse Logistics at „Pegasus Dienstleistungs GmbH“ in Münster

  • 01.07.04 – 15.09.04

    Painter at „Malerteam Holthaus“ in Saerbeck

  • 01.03.04 – 30.06.04

    Leading WebDesigner at „Net2Day Media GmbH & Co. KG“ in Emsdetten

  • 01.06.03 – 31.12.03

    Employe at „Roxeler Bauwerkserhaltung“ in Münster / Roxel (www.roxeler.de)

  • 02.05.02 – 28.02.03

    Community Service at „MathiasSpital“ in Rheine (Maintenance and redesign of the hospital internet presence; EDVand Hardware-administration; organization of the central warehouse)

  • 01.02.01 – 31.12.01

    Media-Designer for Digital and Printmedia at „gamigo AG“ in Rheine with focus on Screen and Interface Design

  • 01.02.99 – 31.01.01

    Apprenticeship Media-Designer for Digitaland Printmedia at „deltacity.net“ (www.deltacity.net) and
    „Hochform“ (www.hochform.de)

  • 01.10.98 – 31.01.99

    Internship at „deltacity.net.“ with focus on conception, HTML as well as graphical implementation for
    companyand product sites (www.deltacity.net)

  • 01.09.94 – 01.06.97

    Apprenticeship as a painter at „Niehues“ in Neuenkirchen

  • 01.08.97 – 17.06.98

    University of applied sciences entrance qualification at College of Further Education „Adolph Kolping Berufskolleg“ in Münster (Specialty: Design)

  • 01.08.88 – 01.07.94

    Secondary School Leaving Certificate at „Heriburgschule“ in Neuenkirchen

  • 01.08.83 – 01.07.88

    Student at the Elementary Schools in Metelen, Wettringen and Neuenkirchen

Additional Skills & Qualifications
  • 04/2018 – 06/2018

    Animation Bootcamp (Hardcore Animation Training for Motion Designers) (School of Motion)

  • 11/2017

    UX 360° – Certified UX & Usability Expert (www.xd-i.com)

    – User analysis & design research
    – Content strategy
    – Business- and Product strategy
    – Processes & flows
    – Product analysis
    – Personas
    – Customer life cycle
    – Customer journey and experience
    – User scenarios
    – Stakeholder management
    – Wireframes & prototypes
    – Interaction design & design patterns

  • 04/2017

    Seminar Unity 3D Engine Basics at „School for Games“ Berlin (www.school4games.de)

  • 12/2015

    Projektmanagement-Seminar at „Manager Institut“ Leipzig (www.manager-institut.de)

  • 09/2014, 09/2015 and 09/2016

    Participation on a multi-day advanced education with considered and international Artists instructed Workshops as part of the „THU“ (Trojan Horse was a Unicorn) in Lisbon / Setúbal (www.trojan-unicorn.com)

  • 11/2009, 10/2012 and 11/2014

    Participation on Seminars with the topics Interaktions-, UX- und Usability- Design of the „Nielsen Norman Group“ in Berlin (2009) as well as in London (2012, 2014) (www.nngroup.com)

    – Fundamental Guidelines for web Usability
    – Interaction Design 1 & 2
    – Application Usability
    – Designing Complex Applications and website 1 & 2
    – Designing Usable Social Features
    – Mobile Websites and Apps: Essential Usability Principles
    – Mobile Application Usability for Touchscreen Phones and Tablets
    – Building the Mobile Web
    – Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet 1 & 2
    – UX Basic Training
    – User Interface Principles Every Designer Must Know
    – Mobile User Experience
    – Scaling User Interfaces
    – Top Web UX Design Guidelines
    – Wireframe and Prototyping

  • 07/2013

    Seminar IA- and UI-Design at „School for Games“ Berlin (www.school4games.de)

  • 10/2010

    GTD (Getting Things Done) Seminar of the „David Allen Company“ in Baden-Baden (www.gettingthingsdone.com)

  • 08/2009

    AdA-Certification for Media-Professions (Education of instructor) of „HK Hamburg“